1. What’s going on here?

Gum based paint is a kind of painting medium that comprises of a hued color blended in with a fastener, generally an emulsion of water and egg yolk. This kind of painting medium is extremely quick to dry and is extremely dependable. Gum based paint painting just alludes to compositions done utilizing such a medium. The craftsman will initially granulate the shade into a powdered structure and will at that point place a limited quantity of this on to a range. Next the craftsman will add a couple of drops of refined water to the shade. At that point the egg yolk cover is included modest quantities until the arrangement is pretty much as straightforward as the craftsman needs it to be. The measure of cover that is required relies upon the color being utilized. While painting, the consistency of the paint should be safeguarded and this should be possible essentially by adding more water to the paint.

2. When was it utilized?

Gum based paint compositions seem to have begun in traditional occasions. There are references to such a canvas all through Latin, Greek and antiquated Egyptian writing. Various significant masterpieces were said to have been made utilizing this medium, so apparently was very famous with specialists of the time. A few instances of gum based paint painting from olden times do endure, like the ‘Severan Tondo,’ which is a picture of Septimus Severus, the Roman head. After the breakdown of the Roman Empire, gum based paint step by step surpassed encaustic as the fundamental canvas medium. Encaustic painting is the procedure of adding warmed beeswax to shaded colors. Gum based paint painting turned out to be fiercely mainstream all through Europe and Asia and was supported by many top specialists. Be that as it may, with the coming of oil painting in the sixteenth century, gum based paint painting steadily turned out to be less well known, however it is as yet preferred by a few and appreciates restorations now and again.

3. What are a portion of its properties?

One of the fundamental properties of gum based paint is that it is anything but an adaptable artistic creation medium. This means it should be applied to strong surfaces; wood boards were usually utilized, for instance. On the off chance that it is applied to a gentler surface, like a material, it will wind up breaking. This paint medium dries rapidly and the tones stay something similar over the long haul. Gum based paint can’t be applied in truly thick layers, so it can’t create the very lavishness of shading that oil paints can. Craftsmen need to work with gum based paint rapidly as whenever it’s been readied, it can’t be put away and must be spent.